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Having a need to set the switches on a PRF1520 base station repeater I thought a simple program could avoid multiple arithmetic problems with the always present likelihood of a slip.

So, if you need to program a Simoco PRF1520 try this little program. No more mistakes, get it right first time.

You’ll need to unzip and place the program in a new directory. Better not to put it in Program Files or Program Files (X86). As the program has been written in Delphi there is no need to install it. Just run it from the chosen directory - or make a short cut. It doesn’t depend on any other files.

Download PRF1520 Calc

The second project is one I wrote to check out my box of crystals and determine if I could use any of them in crystal controlled rigs. I’m an enthusiastic repeater builder and many of our sites still use TAIT crystal controlled receivers and transmitters. From my selection of crystals and using the program I found a number that would fit my bill.

The ZIP contains some sample crystal lists. Unzip to any directory. I use D:\crystal

Download Calculate crystals.zip