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LINKS - here are some of my favourites

I have no commercial connection with these sites although I am a member of forums connected with them. They are useful for my needs.

The South East Radio Group and the WIA are my radio clubs.

Proton (new name Positron) Compilers

This page is the gateway to the Proton Development system - the BASIC compiler that I use for my PIC© experiments. I cannot praise the product highly enough.

The compiler produces very tight code for 8 and 16 bit PICs, I use the PICkit3 programmer from Microchip Direct. See the Proton compilers forum HERE.

Delphi| Delphi hints and program snippets

Delphi is a Windows Object Pascal Compiler. Pascal is a great language. There are many useful sites with great hints. Here are some more.  About.com, Delphi Basics, Torry’s Delphi. The ability to resize the screen is made easy on the ResizeKit page.

South East Radio Group | SERG

The South East Radio Group (SERG) has club rooms in Mount Gambier, a town of 22,000 people near the South Australian border with Victoria. The club provides a focus for the pursuit of amateur radio as a hobby and has approximately 40 members within 100km. Here is a link to the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA), our National Body.

Doug McArthur | VK3UM (SK 22nd February 2016)

Doug and I went to Unley High School together in the mid 50s. Since then we remained in close contact and as well as our regular 80m scheds we worked on a number of software projects together. See my Downloads page to access Doug’s software.